Every so often, during a photo shoot I'll lose my balance and teeter over a bit, make a funny face at a dildo, or just plain act silly, and instead of ditching the photos, I've decided to collect them and release them here for everyone to see. I love showing you my sexier side, but I know that sometimes you enjoy seeing me be a regular girl with all my little quirks. So come check here from time to time to see me in all my silly glory!

Just like with the bloopers, I want to show you another side of me that isn't always present in videos and photo sets, and I know that a lot of you really enjoy taking a peek at what us porn girls are like in our daily lives. So whenever someone takes a little snapshot of me, whether it's just lounging in a chair or eating a hot dog, I'll stick it here for you. I'll also be taking some regular selfies from time to time to put in here, so stop by every so often so you don't miss out!!